7 Savvy Ways to Upgrade Your Walk-In Closet (And How to Do It Yourself)

7 Savvy Ways to Upgrade Your Walk-In Closet (And How to Do It Yourself)

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Are you tired of looking in your closet each morning and not being able to find any of the clothes you want to wear? Let’s face it, your standard walk-in closet outfitted with wire shelving and a wardrobe rod just isn’t cutting it anymore. By rethinking your available storage space, you can incorporate a better closet organizer creating easy access to your everyday go-to items and seasonal pieces. This will save you time and energy every day while creating an aesthetically pleasing space. Revamping any space can be overwhelming, but with these seven walk-in closet ideas, you won’t even have to think about where a piece of clothing is or if you have room for your new clothes.


#1 Closet Cleanup

To get a good look at what you want to accomplish in your walk-in closet, you have to know what you currently have. Start by decluttering your closet space. Go through and sort your clothes into categories, and decide which items you want to keep. This makes the process of putting your existing wardrobe back in the newly-designed closet much easier and allows you the extra space to accommodate your online shopping habits!


#2 Redesign

Now that the closet is empty and you have a good picture of what space you have to work with, you can start designing. Look at the space and create a vision of what you want your closet to look like. Include your walk-in closet dimensions sketching your ideal layout on a piece of paper or using an online design tool (ours is free to use!) can be very helpful in this process. This way you can create a visual for yourself and organize the closet accordingly.


#3 Custom Shelving

Can't decide how to store your shoes or bulky sweaters? Custom adjustable shelves are the perfect solution to accommodate even the trickiest items to store making them visible and easily accessible. No more reaching to the very back of your closet, only to come up empty handed. By having these walk-in closet shelves, you can interchange them as your wardrobe collection grows or shrinks making all your things fit perfectly. 


#4 Categorized Drawers

There’s nothing worse than being in a rush and rummaging through all your drawers desperately trying to find your favorite tank top. Categorizing your drawers and adding dividers to organize smaller items like socks will be a game-changer. Not only will everything have a place and be all together, but it will also make putting clean clothes away ten times easier.


#5 Hanging rods

Over-stuffed hanging storage makes for wrinkled clothes and hectic mornings. Double the amount of hanging storage in your space by including several double-hang sections in your new layout. This layout gives you twice as much space for your favorite tops, dress slacks, and more.


#6 Slide-Out Pant Rack

Even with the most organized drawers, it can be hard to find that one pair of pants that you’re looking for. A slide-out pant rack will let you see all of your slack options with a simple pull. This eliminates having to hunt through all your pants trying to find that perfect pair and lets you grab them quickly and go.


#7 Final Touches

Onto the fun part… the final touches! This is the time where you can add your own personal style to this space. Make this area your own by adding a picture frame, vase, or putting your jewelry on display. All these things can pull the whole closet together and make it feel complete.


Even though upgrading your closet can seem intimidating it isn’t as hard as it seems and can actually be a fun process. Including a closet organizer can save time, energy, and money in the long run. Want ideas for your DIY walk-in closet renovation? Check out our idea gallery for inspiration!



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Use our free, easy-to-use design tool to complete your design in minutes.



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