4 Easy Ways to Store Your Shoes

4 Easy Ways to Store Your Shoes

Love your shoes but struggle to keep them in order? Do you need an efficient way to store all your shoes? You’re not alone. A frequent question our closet designers hear from clients is, “What’s the best way to store and organize my many pairs of shoes and utilize the space I have available?” Read on for our shoe storage guide to find the organization solution that could work best for you!


Custom-Sized Straight Shoe Shelves
Ideal for: Maximizing Storage Space

Big on volume, small on space? If you have a vast shoe collection but not a lot of closet space, custom-sized shelving is a great option to maximize horizontal storage space while keeping your pairs stored neatly together. Using EasyClosets online design tool, you can choose the quantity and exact size of shelves to fit the dimensions of your space.

Select a tall tower of regular shoe shelves or combine them with slanted shoe shelves based on your needs. The shelves adjust up or down to accommodate many different styles of shoes, and multiple pairs fit on a single shelf, keeping your shoes up and off the floor.

Bonus tip: When seasons change and it’s time to bring out your boots, simply move shelves up or take them out to create more room to store them in your closet. Use the top shelves to store off-season shoes or clothing.


Slanted Shoe Shelves
Ideal for: Grab n' Go Shoe Storage

If keeping your shoes within easy reach while on display is your top priority, a slanted shoe shelving system is just what you need. Slanted shoe shelves offer a durable surface and shoe fences to help keep footwear in place until you need it. The slanted design makes it easy to see your shoes and put them away, so your favorite footwear doesn't end up on the floor and in the way.


Adjustable Shoe Organizer
Ideal for: Flexible + Efficient Shoe Storage

Styles and seasons come and go, so your shoe storage should adapt easily to accommodate as your collection as it grows or changes. When it comes to flexible, efficient shoe storage, you need to be able to add or remove pairs of shoes without impacting your organization system, while maximizing storage space for the many pairs you own.

Integrating seamlessly into an EasyClosets custom closet system, the Adjustable Shoe Organizer lets you create individual spaces that fit each pair of sandals, flats, heels and boots perfectly. Held in place by removable metal pins, the steel shelves can be moved up or down without tools, making it simple to add, remove or rearrange your shoes as often as you like.

Want to store as many shoes as possible in one closet? The space-saving design of the Adjustable Shoe Organizer is the solution. The slim profile of the steel shelves leaves more open space between shelves, maximizing vertical storage space. Instead of being subject to different shoe heights on one shelf, the Adjustable Shoe Organizer lets you give each pair its own designated storage space, creating an efficient solution.


Shoe Wall with the Adjustable Shoe Organizer
Ideal for: "Out in the Open" Storage

Whether you opt for quality over quantity or you collection is too big to count, a shoe wall will give you a centralized location to store and showcase all of your shoes – all in one place. Made with the Adjustable Shoe Organizer, this open design keeps every pair visible, making it easy to browse your entire collection at once. You can simply glance, grab, and go.

Select a color and the number of towers you need to customize a shoe wall for your space and shoe storage needs. Steel shelves are available in four color options that will compliment your space for individual customization, offering a clean, modern feel, while keeping the focal point on your shoe collection, and not on hardware. 

Bonus tip: Organize your shoes by color, style, size, or occasion, making it easy every day to find and put away your shoes every day.

The best shoe storage is enough shoe storage. One with shelves that easily move up and down to accomodate your evolving shoe collection. 

To see how you can improve organization for your shoes, browse EasyClosets gallery or contact a professional closet designer. Get started today.


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