Meet your Personal Designer



John Myers

John Myers has worked with EasyClosets in one capacity or another for over twenty years; originally as an independent professional client selling and installing closet solutions, as a representative in the EasyClosets consumer division, and for many years in the customer service department.

There's very little he does not know about the EasyClosets product line, the installation process and the design of our closet solutions.

In his own words - “I enjoy helping our professional partners achieve their goals and grow their businesses. They count on me to provide a design that not only falls in line with their clients’ needs but also a design that has the flexibility to allow for changes in the future. It’s so much easier and quicker for the professional to leave this process to us, and saving time also means we can save them money. Being able to provide that kind of impact to a professional business owner is truly a reward in itself.”


How We Can Help:

John offers one-to-one consulting with our professional partners, showing how their business can benefit from offering EasyClosets custom solutions. He educates partners on the process and the unique product characteristics, making it easy for them to market EasyClosets to their own clients. Our partners know exactly what to expect and how to plan for every stage of the process.

Our online tools allow our partners to create the design and client proposal, place the order, and trust that everything they need will be shipped out in a timely manner—typically the next business day.

With our free, expert design service and John’s extensive knowledge of EasyClosets products, partners can rely on us to create a solution for any space or to update existing designs efficiently whenever a change is needed.

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