The 3 S's of an Efficient Laundry Room Layout

The 3 S's of an Efficient Laundry Room Layout

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Laundry rooms big and small have the tendency to become both a place to clean clothing and one where you store belongings that would otherwise be homeless.

The good news is that making your laundry room more efficient is as easy as one-two-three.

And since all our tips start with the same letter, you’ll have no trouble remembering these three S’s of creating the perfect laundry room layout.


# 3 - Sorting


When you’re deciding whether something should be stored in the laundry room, ask yourself, “Does this help me with laundry-related tasks?” If it doesn’t, consider finding a new home for it.

While the obvious things would include detergent and fabric softener, some other acceptable belongings might be a sewing kit for mending minor repairs, an iron and ironing board, and other house-cleaning items.

It may not be possible to move out every single thing unrelated to laundry, but relocating a few items should decrease clutter.


#2 - Storage


After sorting, it’s time to ensure you have enough storage area for your belongings.

Take into account your stowing capacity and install shelving, utilize drawers and invest in bins as needed.

Make sure you have racks for detergents and stain-fighters, baskets for clean clothing and a bucket for miscellaneous items (like loose change).

If you have non-laundry-related items to store, such as backpacks or coats, give them their own cabinets to keep everything organized.


#1 - Streamlining


Once you’ve established that everything in the laundry room should actually be in the laundry room, it’s time to start organizing.

Place the things you use most frequently in logical spots that are easily accessible.

For instance, instead of being across the room, the laundry detergent should be located on a shelf right next to the washing machine and the fabric softener near the dryer.

By using these three pieces of advice, you’ll give your laundry room a new, more efficient layout.


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