3 Stress-Inducing Areas of your Home and How to Fix Them: Closet, Pantry & Laundry

3 Stress-Inducing Areas of your Home and How to Fix Them: Closet, Pantry & Laundry

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Want to organize your home but not sure where to start? It's difficult deciding which room to take care of first when several need to get done. Make it easier by focusing on one space at a time, so you don't get overwhelmed with the number of areas you need to tackle. Three key spaces to concentrate on are the closet, kitchen pantry, and laundry room. These areas can turn into a train wreck fast if they don’t have an organization system in place. Finding your necessities in the house will be a breeze by including these home organization ideas into each space.



You might be surprised to learn that home organization begins in the closet. Think about it, you start and end your day there. So why not give it those extra touches that will make all the difference?


#1 Categorize

Are you ever in a rush tearing through your drawers looking for your go-to shirt that matches perfectly with everything? Eliminate this issue by categorizing your drawers. Start by taking everything out of your closet. Group your clothing by season and style, and get rid of the items you don't wear anymore. Assign each shelf and drawer a specific type of clothing so all your essentials will be together. No more rummaging through your whole closet -- now you'll be able to locate everything efficiently.


#2 Drawer Dividers

Now that everything is categorized, there's no better way to create more room for your clothes then by using drawer dividers. Maximize your space by putting all your different categorized pants or other items in divided compartments! Incorporate these in your drawers to utilize all your space while keeping them from getting mixed together.


#3 Hang and Color Coordinate

There's nothing worse than grabbing a shirt to find out it's wrinkled. Be worry-free and hang your clothes right after drying them to keep them in pristine condition, also allowing you to grab them on the go. Install hanging rods at the right height to accommodate not only your shirts but your other clothing items as well. Organize your hanging items by color to make it easy to coordinate your outfits and quickly get ready.


#4 Periodically Cleanout

Set time aside to take the initiative to go through your closet, and get rid of items you aren't reaching for anymore. With more room created, reward yourself by picking out new things to replenish your closet and keep your wardrobe up to date!


Kitchen Pantry

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where people gather to share a few laughs and good food. An organized kitchen begins with an organized pantry.


#1 Categorized Shelves and Dividers

Place your items in categorized groups on your shelves to maximize usable storage space. Not only will it now be a breeze to find exactly what you need, but it also makes your pantry aesthetically pleasing too. When it comes to storing those awkward and oversized items, use shelf dividers to make everything fit seamlessly!


#2 Beech Drawers

Incorporate beech drawers that use full-extension glides. These open drawers make finding items in the far back a snap. Thanks to this space-saving pantry design, items will be right where they are needed.


#3 Wire Pull-out Racks

Include wire pull-out racks in your pantry to store room-temperature produce like potatoes and onions. It’s a great way to keep these food items tucked away when they aren't needed. Picking out your favorite ingredients will be so easy.


Laundry Room

Finally, the laundry room might seem like the place in your home where your home organization falls apart, but it's actually one of your best opportunities to keep it all together.


#1 Closed Storage

Having your detergent and stain removers tucked away while keeping them within arm's reach is a tricky task to tackle. Make it easy for yourself to get those loads of laundry done and incorporate closed storage in your laundry room! Eliminate the hassle of trying to find all your supplies and keep all your essentials right where you need them and covered at the same time.


#2 Hanging Rod

Do you dread doing your delicate load having to go through and try to find a place to hang each item? Include a rod in your laundry room, making it easy to access for all your hanging needs. Not only is it essential for drying items, but it also provides a place for your freshly pressed clothing.


#3 Fold-out Ironing Board

Get rid of your old creaky ironing board and add a fold-out one right in your laundry room. When a laundry storage system incorporates a clever fold-out ironing board, you'll never have an excuse for wrinkled clothes again.


Although it can seem intimidating at first, you can uncomplicate home organization by following these steps in no time, you will have control over your house again, and feel confident in your daily routine! For more tips and ideas, check out our gallery and our FREE online design tool. Why wait? Get organized today!




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