The Challenge

Growing Family + Little Storage Space

As new homeowners and newlyweds, Matt and Janna loved improving their home together with DIY projects. When it was just the two of them, there wasn't a need to invest in storage that really worked. A familiar tale– all Janna’s clothes were in their Master closet and all Matt’s clothes were in the spare bedroom closet. A few years later, they traded the spare bedroom for a nursery to welcome the first member of their growing family, displacing Matt's wardrobe.


They needed a better way to store the whole family's belongings. Matt and Janna knew they could get more storage out of their existing closet space and decided it was time to upgrade. The couple wanted the option to customize their organizer to perfectly store their family's essentials. And they knew they wanted a quality system that would last, providing clean and crisp storage. A do-it-yourself solution like EasyClosets was a natural fit for this couple. Matt took to our online design tool right away and started brainstorming.

“We didn’t want the closet systems with wire racks where you could see everything and it looked a little messy. When we looked at the EasyClosets website, we knew we could customize [the closet] to the exact size we wanted, and everything looked clean and crisp.”

- Janna

The Design Process

Matt measured the walls of the closet and got straight to work in our online design tool. Choosing from a selection of pre-defined templates, he made sure every section of the closet met their needs. “Once we had a basic design done, I reached out to one of the designers to review and check to make sure everything would actually work.” Design pro Patricia was happy to help refine and put the finishing touches on the design.



Following the step-by-step instructions, installation was a breeze for this couple of DIY'ers. “The step-by-step instructions are very easy to follow. It tells you exactly what to do, customized to your specific closet,” Matt describes. Having fabricated ways to make all their clothes fit for so long, they knew good organization when they saw it.

"EasyClosets cut the materials to the exact right size. It all fit, and we weren't having to piece it together to 'make it work.'"

- Matt

A Word From the Design Pro

When I review my client’s designs I check for any obstructions in the space, any unused space, ceiling height, door type and swing direction, and reiterate the importance of measuring walls at three different heights to assure a good fit.

Patricia, Matt + Janna's EasyClosets Designer

Problem Solved

Closets that grow with them

Their master bedroom closet is now outfitted with ample hanging space, drawers for hidden storage and open shelves for items that add a personal touch. Since their first EasyClosets project, Matt and Janna have installed two others in their home to make way for baby number two! Janna enjoys that she doesn't have to switch out her clothes seasonally anymore and that her kid's closets have plenty of space to accommodate their growing clothes and hobbies. Design tool master Matt is ready to move onto the next project! Next up? The pantry, linen closet, and coat closet! For Matt and Janna, installing their closets left them with the satisfaction of ideally organized spaces.

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