The Challenge

New Home + Little Closet Space

First-time homebuyer Dannie quickly knew she needed better use of the closet space in her condo. And as a sports broadcaster,  she needed a place to put all the outfits that people saw on the court each night. The wire shelf and hanging rod inside the uniquely shaped reach-in closet wasn't going to cut it. However, a problem doesn’t last for long in the hands of a go-getter like Dannie. It was time to find an organizer that would make wrinkled blouses and dresses a thing of the past. Only three months after moving in, her closet was about to get a major upgrade.

“I wanted [my closet] to use as much of the space as possible. And then when I expressed my wishes to my EasyClosets designer, she incorporated every single one of them.”


The Design Process

Dannie considered closet organizer kits at her local home improvement store but didn't find an option that could accommodate the shape of her closet or the amount of clothing she was hoping to store. “Seeing that [the closet] was irregular, is what really led me to the customization process.” Enter EasyClosets.

Dannie carefully measured the walls of her space and submitted them for a free custom design. She was matched up with a member of our professional design team, Roz, who quickly got to work on creating Dannie’s closet. She thoughtfully took into account Dannie’s requests and space dimensions to craft a solution that would make the best use of the space. Roz sent Dannie several closet designs, and when Dannie saw an option with generous amounts of hanging space for her on-camera clothing and open shelving for her foldable, casual items, she was in shock. “Oh, this is MY closet!”. It was her space, but better. And seeing the design first gave Dannie the opportunity to visualize her space before purchasing.




Dannie had very little experience with home improvement projects. But that didn’t keep her from having the perfect DIY attitude. After reviewing the simple installation process for her EasyClosets system, she felt confident in tackling it on her own. Having her tools prepped, closet product laid out and organized, and instructions in hand, she was ready to install. Her can-do attitude took Dannie all the way across the finish line. "I had my game face ready," joked Dannie.

"I've had very little experience with home improvements... But [my Dad] always taught us you can pretty much do anything on your own."

A Word From the Design Pro

"We discussed what Dannie's needs were for this closet - to get as much as she could in this space. She needed double-hanging to fit her tops and pants, tall hanging for dresses, shelves for folded clothes and at least one drawer for sunglasses. And as I always say, I love a challenge. After many conversations and revisions, we landed the perfect design for her that incorporated everything she needed. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I was able to achieve exactly what the customer wanted."

Roz, Dannie's EasyClosets Designer

Problem Solved

A Purposeful + Personal
Closet Organizer

After snapping that last closet rod into place, she took a step back and saw it: her once underused space complete with a purposeful combination of hanging, shelving and drawer storage. It was the space she visualized, but right in front of her. And the best part? She was the one who installed it. The closet wasn’t only designed to fit her space like a glove, but Dannie was the one who brought it to life.

Dannie's Story

"It’s exactly what I wanted. My closet looks different than any other one that I’ve ever seen. I walk in and I’m like – that’s MY closet."

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