How to Check Out 


Step 1: Review your Designs 

You MUST approve all design warnings  before checking out. 

Before you are allowed to add a design to your cart, you will be REQUIRED to approve any design warnings or issues in your design.

Screenshot 2023-06-27 161311.png


Step 2: Add to Cart

From the Design Tool: Once your design is finalized and you are ready to checkout, select BUY IT NOW in the design tool. You will be prompted to review and approve your selected design choices, along with any design warning or issues.


Screenshot 2023-07-11 153055.png


From Your Saved Designs: You can also add a design directly from your saved designs. You will be directed back to the design tool if your design contains any warnings or issues.

Add to Cart

Note: Any changes to your design made after it has been added to a cart, will not be saved. Remove your design from your cart in order to make changes. 


Step 3: Fill Out Shipping Information

Select your preferred ship date from available options.

Shipping Date


Select how you would like your installation instructions delivered.

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Approve shipping information: 

If your order is being shipped via freight carrier (not FedEx), you will be required to review your selections, along with the provided shipping and delivery method details before continuing to payment.


Confirm Shipping


Step 4: Fill Out Payment Information 

Screenshot 2023-06-23 165925.png


Step 5: Review & Place Your Order

Review your address information, order details, and dimensions. Confirm that all of your information is correct before placing your order.