Designing a Walk-In Closet: Step 2 – Personalizing Your Space



What you learned:

Adding, moving, and removing sections:

  • Start on your “All Walls” view (indicated by the highlighted bubble on the left-hand side of the design stage).
  • Click on wall you would like to adjust.
  • Double click any section within the wall you would like to edit.
  • The red trash can icon allows you to delete the section, the blue “Edit” pencil icon allows you to personalize the contents inside the section, and the round white button allows you to duplicate a section.
  • If you add a section and it does not fit within the remaining wall space, it will glow in red. To resolve this issue you will need to select “Resize Section” above the impacted space. Click “Resize Section” and then check “Auto Size All Sections” for a symmetrical and easy-to-install design.


Editing different walls:

  • If you want to personalize the product on a different wall, select it in the overhead “Layout” view of your space to the right of the design stage.


Editing section templates:

  • Select a section.
  • Once it is highlighted in blue, navigate to the Design Center in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Click the drop-down arrow and choose the type of organization solution you’d like to incorporate into your design.
  • Click on the template you’d like.
  • Change the width of your chosen template by using the blue bars positioned to the left and right of the section and click and drag them until the section is your preferred size.


Changing design views:

  • Click the “3D” view icon on the left-hand side of the screen to view your design in 3D.
  • Click the “2D” view icon on the left-hand side of the screen to view and edit your design in 2D.


Ready to wrap up your walk-in closet design? Click here to watch the final video and learn how to add the finishing touches to your solution.