Top 10 Habits of Well-Organized People

Top 10 Habits of Well-Organized People

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# 10 - They keep paper piles to a minimum.


Piling paper from floor to ceiling might be tempting when you have a lot of it, but well-organized people make sure to cut down on that clutter.

They make time to sort through the pile, getting rid of things they don’t need anymore.


#9 - They know how to prioritize.


Fact: Some things in life are more important than others.

Well-organized people know this and make plans accordingly.


#8 - They know their routines.


Keeping a routine for the beginning and end of every day will give you something you can always expect.

One example: Getting clothing ready for the morning the night before can save time and energy once you wake up.


#7 - They put things away.


When well-organized people take something out, they make sure to put it away once they’re done with it.

Not only does it instantly clean up the space, it means less cleaning later.


#6 - They make lists.


If the laundry needs to be done, the kids have to go to soccer practice, the carpets need to be cleaned and the dog has to be walked, you can bet a well-organized person has it all written down on a to-do list.


#5 - They have a spot for everything.


An organized person makes sure that everything in their home or office has its specific place in order to ensure they can find things quickly.


#4 - They reduce clutter.


To make finding things a breeze, they cut down on clutter so they don’t need to wade through piles of items to find exactly what they’re looking for.


#3 - They make sure to finish what they start.


New projects are always exciting at the beginning, but as time wears on, the excitement wears off.

What sets organized people apart is the fact that after they start something, they make sure to finish.


#2 - They have goals.


Unlike some folks, those who are organized have goals and are focused on achieving them.

Is your goal to finish painting the pantry before winter?

Do yourself a favor and put all your attention on the end result.


#1 - They set aside 15 minutes, every day.


Cleaning up might not be the most fun job in the world, but when you put a little time in here and there, it really adds up.

Organized people dedicate as little as 15 minutes each day to tidy up their living and working spaces.

Short term, it provides enough time to neaten things up. Over the long haul, it saves time and effort on deep cleaning.

If you’re looking to get organized, take a few tips from those who already are!

By implementing a few of these habits of well-organized people, you’ll be tidier before you know it.


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