Popular Closet Designs

Popular Closet Designs

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Popular Walk-In Closet Designs



This walk-in closet design combines open shelves, drawers, slanted shoe shelves, and ample hanging areas.

1. On the back wall (B), a hutch provides shared storage along with a natural focal point, while double hanging rods extend all the way to the side walls, ensuring corner space is not wasted.

2. Sidewall A features medium and tall hanging sections with shelving above the rods for added storage.

3. Sidewall C offers a drawer, a pull-down hamper, and adjustable shelving for storing shoes, hats, bags or folded items.



This versatile walk-in closet design provides maximum hanging space, drawers, and plenty of shelving for shoes and folded items.

1. The back wall (B) makes good use of corner space with double hanging rods on both sides, plus a tall hanging section in the center to keep long dresses, jackets and pants organized.

2. Sidewall A features more hanging space and a tall storage tower with 12 shelves for stowing shoes and folded items.

3. Sidewall C features two sets of drawers, medium-height hanging space, and extra shelving.



Don’t let an angled wall intimidate you; this master closet design covers four walls and makes up for any space lost from the angled wall.

1. Wall A features lots of double hanging space to organize shirts, skirts, and jackets, plus a tower of shoe shelves located conveniently by the closet door for easy off-and-on.

2. The back wall (C) uses the most of its limited space by providing more double hanging storage, shelves, and baskets for laundry, folded items, and more.

3. Wall D offers drawers and shelves for storing folded items, plus long hanging that extends into the corners to ensure not an inch of space is wasted.

4. Wall E offers open shelving and a tilt-out laundry hamper located next to the closet door, making it easy to access or put items away.



Sloped ceilings can create a challenge when designing your closet, but this design shows how easy it is to accommodate an oddly-shaped ceiling.

1. The organization system on the back wall (C) is placed low to accommodate the slope of the ceiling, and it includes hanging rods, shelves, and drawers. The hanging rods extend all the way to the side walls so corner space isn’t wasted.

2. Wall B incorporates double hanging and medium hanging storage space, plus a few shelves for folded items.

3. Wall C replicates the design of Wall B to create a nice symmetrical appearance.


Popular Reach-In Closet Designs




Make the most of a reach-in closet with three areas for hanging clothes, shelves, drawers, and a pull-out basket.

1. Double wardrobe rods on the left provide plenty of space for hanging shirts, skirts, and other clothes.

2. Long hanging plus a shelf on the right side of the closet offer room for long items like dresses and pants.

3. The drawers and shelves in the center provide a built-in dresser in the closet.

4. A pull-out basket and shoe shelves add extra storage potential to this space.




The closet design on the left is ideal for an infant or toddler. The design on the right shows how the closet can be easily reconfigured and new features added as the child grows.


Left design

1. Triple hanging rods provide plenty of room for small clothes, while the other side includes two hanging rods to double the storage space.

2. Two wire baskets slide out on full-extension glides, making it easy for kids to select or put away their items.


Right design

1. Adjustable feature makes it easy to convert from three to two hanging rods, accommodating larger clothing as children grow.

2. Drawers in the closet eliminate the need for a dresser in the bedroom.

3. Adjustable shelves on the right side of the closet offer a place to display shoes, keeping them up and off of the floor.


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