DIY Organizing Ideas: Closets, Kitchen Pantry, and Laundry Room

DIY Organizing Ideas: Closets, Kitchen Pantry, and Laundry Room

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When it comes to home organization, there are three key areas to pay attention to: the closet, kitchen pantry and laundry room.


Organizing your closet.

You might be surprised to learn that home organization begins in the closet. Think about it ~ you start your day there and end your day there. So why not give it those extra touches that will make all the difference?

  • Use a hamper. The key to managing laundry is keeping it up off the floor. Anything dirty deserves a place just like anything clean, so make sure your closet organizer includes a hamper accessory that will help encourage everything to naturally be placed right where it needs to go.
  • Include hanging rods at the right height. A freshly pressed dress just begs to be worn. Hanging dresses at a medium height helps make sure that nothing gets wrinkled while they are waiting to be selected.
  • Choose a pleasing finish. You want to look as good as you feel and feel as good as you look, so choose a pleasing finish for your closet system. It can make a positive impact when you open the closet doors, so you can't help but make it a great day.


Organizing your kitchen pantry.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and no matter how hard you try to have everyone anywhere else, they always end up right next to you. So an organized kitchen begins with an organized pantry, and together makes way for plenty of family and friends.

  • Choose pantry storage accessories like wire racks. Perfect for spices because not only do the racks them easily on display, they tuck the spices away neatly when they are not needed.
  • Incorporate beech drawers that use full-extension glides. These drawers work smart so finding items in the far back is a snap. Thanks to this space saving pantry design, items will be right where they are needed.
  • Use dividers. When evaluating how to store awkward and oversized items that are used every once in awhile, think dividers for shelves. Going vertical makes all the difference.


Organizing your laundry room.

Finally, the laundry room might seem like the place where it all falls apart, but it's actually one of your best opportunities to keep it all together.

  • Consider closed storage. Being able to store items in the place where they are needed most is a great way to contain things and have them in arms' reach, but covered and not always visible.
  • A hanging rod is important not just for drying items, but also to place clothing that is freshly pressed.
  • No more excuses for never picking up an iron. When a laundry storage system incorporates a clever fold-out ironing board, you'll never have an excuse for wrinkled clothes again.


When determining the critical areas in your home to organize, keep these custom closet system features in mind to find solutions that work in the spaces that need it most.


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