Revamp Your Holiday Decoration Storage With These Simple Ideas

Revamp Your Holiday Decoration Storage With These Simple Ideas

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With lights twinkling and Christmas trees adorned, it’s a festive time of year. Depending on how many decorations you use to get in the holiday spirit, your holiday storage could range from a couple boxes jam-packed with ornaments in the attic to a holiday storeroom complete with labeled shelving.


No matter where you keep your holiday belongings, right now is the perfect time to install new or update existing storage. While everything’s been cleared out to get your home ready for a merry time, take the time to assess your space and current organization. Before you make any decisions about rearranging, ask yourself a few questions:


What is everything stored in, and is it adequate? Take stock of whether you’re using boxes that are falling apart from years of use and reuse. Similarly, find out if your bins are overflowing with stuff or worn out. If either of these apply to you, you can get rid of some things (like those old, burnt-out light bulbs) or it might be time to invest in new, more durable containers for your holiday decorations.


Are there enough shelves to hold all the decorations? Look around your seasonal storage area and see if things are neatly organized on shelving units or haphazardly thrown in piles on the ground.


Does everything have a designated spot that is clearly marked? If you can’t find what you’re looking for without emptying box after box of decorations, giving everything a specific place is a must.


Once you’ve got answers to these questions, it’s time to start getting organized! Here are three tips to help you revamp your holiday decoration storage in no time.


1. Label everything.

Whether you don’t have a lot to store or you don’t have a lot of space in which to store it, labels will become your best friend. Place a sticker on each box, bin or shelf. It’ll make finding what you’re looking for next year easy!


2. Store in families.

Keep things organized by storing like with like (lights with lights, ornaments with ornaments, etc.); finding what you need next year will be a breeze!


3. Out-of-the-way storage.

Because the holiday season is only around for a short period of time, when it comes to storing your holiday decorations there’s no need to put them front and center. Instead, create storage that won’t be in your way throughout the rest of the year. Think about hanging units from the ceiling or adding a high shelf in the garage.


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take advantage of the fact that you’ve already emptied your current storage area. Simply use these holiday decoration storage ideas and your space will be ready for next year! 


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