How to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

How to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

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Whether you're in the market to buy a home or sell one, there's one thing almost all homebuyers need: more storage space. People are eager to see where they can store and organize their belongings in an orderly fashion. Older homes generally have less storage space than newer, more contemporary houses. And while many modern homes are built with a respectable amount of storage space, adding even a little bit more can improve the value of a house. If you're selling a house, give yourself and your home a boost by maximizing your storage space and decreasing the clutter. If you're looking to buy, step back and ask yourself - and your realtor - if there's enough space to fit your needs. Whether buying or selling, here are three areas in a house to consider for space maximization:


1. A welcome entryway.



Homeowner: Give a good impression as soon as would-be homebuyers walk through the front door by de-cluttering the entryway. Organize and create space easily with the addition of hooks, cubbies and shelves to store coats, mittens and bags. Insert a bench with a lid so you have a place to sit when taking your shoes off, as well as a convenient place to store them. 

Homebuyer: Take a look at the space around you immediately upon entrance. Scan in search of nooks to store rain boots and crannies to house hats. Take into consideration the amount of closet or cabinet space needed versus the amount of space available.


2. Spacious bedroom closets.



Homeowner: Remodeling a bedroom closet can add instant luxury to a master bedroom, charm to a teenager's room and practicality to a child's room. Creating a well organized space in a bedroom offers homebuyers a glimpse into the endless possibilities of an organized personal area. 

Homebuyer: Inspect the closet space available and visualize whether your belongings will fit comfortably. Ask yourself the key question: Are there built-in shelving units and cabinets to quickly and easily store clothing, shoes, blankets and other items?


3. An organized garage.



Homeowner: Instantly give your garage an uplifting makeover with some simple organization. Provide a clean, open space to allow potential homebuyers to dream of the ways they'll be able to utilize the area by moving items from the ground to storage cabinets. 

Homebuyer: Look for a garage that can house your car, bikes, tools and lawn mower. Check for shelving that will hold your things when you're not using them, but are open for easy access. 


Well organized storage spaces can greatly increase the value of your home. If you're a homeowner, maximize storage space to give potential homebuyers what they're looking for; if you're a homebuyer, do a thorough search of these key storage areas before committing. And remember, a well organized space makes a big difference.


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