5 Tips to Keep You Motivated During Spring Cleaning

5 Tips to Keep You Motivated During Spring Cleaning

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This is a guest post by Anna Moseley of Ask Anna

Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated to keep cleaning and organizing during spring cleaning. Oftentimes our motivation fizzles out; we don't complete the tasks we meant to get to, and year after year we end up staring at the same unfinished projects - it makes us crazy! But today we are saying "no more!" I'm going to share five tips with you that will help keep you motivated during spring cleaning and organizing.


1. Unplug. The number one distractions for most of us are our computers, iPads, e-readers, etc. When in the midst of tedious cleaning it's so easy to stop and think, I'll just check my Facebook; but by the time you look up, an hour has passed and you've completely lost motivation for cleaning and organizing.



So one of the keys to staying motivated during spring cleaning is to unplug. Turn off your computer, iPad, and any other electronic device that could be a distraction. If you need to, shut them in your bedroom so you can't get to them easily. Removing the temptation to stop and check what's going on in digital world will greatly increase your chances of staying motivated.


2. Phone a Friend. It's always easier, and more fun, to work on daunting tasks when you have a friend to chat with. Even if your friend doesn't come over and help you clean, having someone to talk to while you work will help pass the time. It's also motivating to know that when you finish a project you have someone there to praise your work and tell you how awesome it looks!


3. Plan A Yard Sale. I work well with deadlines because if I know something is coming up I can't procrastinate. A great way to put off procrastination is to set a date for a yard sale.


At the end of spring cleaning I always have a yard sale with a friend so I know there's a date on the calendar when all my cleaning and organizing has to be finished. Holding a yard sale is a great way to get all the extra stuff out of your house; you know what they say, "one person's trash is another person's treasure!" It's also a great way to make a few extra dollars. I don't know about you, but making money is always a great motivator for me to finish a task!


4. Make It Pretty. If you love the way your space looks then you are more likely to keep it clean and organized going forth. While you're spring cleaning make sure you are also organizing things to make them look good. Treat yourself to some new baskets, storage boxes, an organizing system, a fresh coat of paint, etc. Add something pretty and make the space look nice so you'll want to keep it that way. 


5. Plan A Get Together. I love having people over to our house, but it's even more fun to have people over after I've just accomplished something and can show my friends! Before you start your spring cleaning, plan a get together with your friends so you have a goal for when everything needs to be finished by.



Make sure you give yourself enough time to get everything done. You don't want to stress yourself out, but you also want to make sure you set a realistic goal. A couple of weeks is a good goal to set because it will give you plenty of time to get all your cleaning and organizing accomplished.


If you follow these five tips, you will have your house cleaned for spring and you'll be so proud of yourself and what you've accomplished! If you organize as you clean you'll also have a space that's pretty and even easier to clean next year when spring cleaning rolls around again! Happy spring cleaning!


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