Troubleshooting: How to Fix Design Warnings




Now that you understand what design warnings are, let’s talk about how to resolve them. To make the most of your available storage space, we recommend addressing all the warnings in your design before purchasing.


Area Has Unused Space: We want you to maximize nearly every inch of your space. That’s why our smart design checker will always alert you if you have more than the 3/8" of unused or free space on a wall. Extend your design to capitalize on your available storage space. Simply click “Resize Section” above the impacted area, then select “Auto Fill Empty Space.”


Areas are Too Close Together: We recommend allowing at least 30" between sections that face each other so you can easily move through your walk-in closet solution. You can fix this by offsetting the areas or removing one area from your design.


Pull-Out Items May Collide in Corner: Adding items like doors, drawers, baskets, pant racks, or ironing boards on either side of a corner will cause those components to collide when they are both in use. Try removing the items from at least one wall unit or reposition them so they do not intersect.


Pull-Out Item May be Blocked by Wall: You will receive a warning if you have an item included in your design that may be prevented from opening fully by a wall. To resolve this issue, simply click and drag the section to the center of your solution where it will not be blocked, or remove the pull-out items altogether.


Pull-Out Item May be Blocked by Another Unit: If you have a narrow walk-in space with product along both walls and have pull-out items included in your design, you will want to either offset the items that extend or remove them.


Hanging Sections Extend Too Far off The Wall: If you have hanging storage on either side of doorway in a smaller space, you may run into issues navigating through your closet without being obstructed by hangers and clothing. For units near the entrance(s) of your closet, we recommend Shelf or Drawer units.


Island is Too Close to Wall: Adding an island in a tight space could make walking around the island difficult. We recommend leaving at least 30" of room around the island so you can comfortably navigate your closet.


Item Higher than 6 Feet Off the Ground: If your closet has pull-out components that are 6’ off the ground, they may collide with the header above the doorway to your closet. We recommend double-checking the height of the closet entrance. If there is enough room for the to clear the header, you may safely disregard this warning.


Hanging Storage is Behind an Item: When this warning appears, your design may not allow enough space between the two components to properly hang clothes from the rod. We recommend not obstructing access to hanging storage.


Hanging Storage is Too Close to Another Section: This warning means that you may not have enough space to properly hang clothes from the wardrobe rod. The clothing items you store there may drag or rest on another closet item directly below it. We recommend at least 18" of clearance between the rod and any items below for triple hang sections and 42” of clearance for any double hang storage.


Vertical Panels More than 42" Off the Floor: Our high-quality vertical panels are what provide the structure for your EasyClosets solution. If you have panels that are more than 42” off the floor, the right angle on these panels could pose a safety hazard when navigating your closet. You may want to consider using Radius Vertical Panels instead of Standard Vertical Panels. Radius Panels feature a rounded bottom corner.

Want help resolving your design issues and warnings? Give our professional design team a call. We are happy to help. Give us a call at 800.910.0129 or submit a professional design request, and we will design a solution for you!