Designing an Entryway: Step 2 – Personalizing Your Space



What you learned:


Editing your entryway sections:

  • Start on your “All Walls” view (indicated by highlighted bubble on the left side of the design stage).
  • Click on the wall you would like to adjust. Then double click any of the pre-populated sections included within it to edit.
  • The red trash can icon allows you to delete the section, the blue “Edit” pencil icon allows you to edit within the section and the two black and white sheets are the “Copy” icon. We will use the copy icon frequently when creating this entryway design.


Designing the structure of your entryway design:

  • You will want to have the foundational bench of your entryway ready on the design stage before incorporating any overhead cabinets. Once you have your bench included, otherwise known as the lower portion of your design, you are free to stack product on top of it.
  • The open space above your product will say “Add Stacked Area.” click on the plus sign (+) to add an area where you can include overhead cabinets and “lockers.”
  • Change the alignment to “Left” to allow space to copy and extend your design.
  • On the bottom left of your screen next to “WALL OPTIONS,” select “Stack.”
  • Add a section to your new overhead area, then navigate to the right side of your screen to select a template. We selected “Double Hanging” as a starting point.
  • Double-click to activate and delete the bottom fixed shelf, because you will not need it.
  • Click the “Copy” icon to duplicate this template across your design.
  • Make sure to resize the section by clicking “Resize Section” above each section to fit your needs.
  • Click “Save.”


Different views:

  • Click the “3D” view icon on the left-hand side of the screen to view your design in 3D.
  • Click the “2D” view icon on the left-hand side of the screen to view your design in 2D.


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