Designing a Reach-In Closet: Step 2 – Personalizing Your Space



What you learned:

Adjusting a section template:

  • Select a section in your closet. A section includes the storage components that are between two vertical panels.
  • Once it is highlighted in blue, navigate to the Design Center in the right-hand panel.
  • Click the drop-down arrow and choose the type of template you’d like to include in your design. For example: Hanging, Shelves, etc.
  • You will see the new template appear in the closet section you selected.
  • Repeat this process in multiple section to change the overall design of your closet.


Resizing your sections:

  • If you want to have identical width sections for an easier installation, click “Resize Section.”
  • Then select “Auto Size All Sections.”
  • Click “Save.”


Want to add some finishing touches to your reach-in design? Click here to watch the final portion of this tutorial.