Designing 101: Rearranging and Resizing Sections


Rearranging and Resizing Sections


With just a few clicks and drags of your mouse or finger, you can quickly design a solution that helps you maximize your closet space. Here are a few simple tips for rearranging and editing closet sections in our design tool. Want to follow along? Open a new tab or window, then create a new auto-filled walk-in or reach-in design.


What’s a closet Section? A Section refers to the organization components that are between two vertical panels. Sections are indicated by the dimension rulers above your design when in the “Section View” of your space.



Rearranging Sections: To rearrange a design that is pre-populated with closet product, simply click on the section you would like to move until it is highlighted in blue. Then, drag the section to a new location on the same wall.


Delete a section

Removing Sections: If there is a closet section you no longer need in your design, click it until it is activated (shown in blue) and then click the small red trash can directly below it.


Adding a section


Adding Sections: If there is available space to add a new section, a black plus sign will appear on either side of your unit. Click on it and select what type of organizational item you would like to include along the right side of your screen.


Resizing Sections: 

Drag to Resize

  • Drag to Resize: Select a section (indicated by blue highlight), and drag the left, right, or up (if applicable) arrows to make it the size you would like.


Standard Resize

  • Select a Standard Size: Click the “Resize Section” option above the closet component. A window will appear where you may select your desired width and depth of that portion of your design.


Auto Resize

  • Auto-Resize: If you have empty space on the wall you are designing, select “Auto Fill Empty Space,” and the available area will be filled with the selected closet section. “Auto Size All Sections,” will resize all the adjustable sections on the wall to evenly fill the space. Select “Auto Size Select Sections” to choose which sections you would like to resize evenly. The areas you leave deselected will keep their current dimensions.


Copying 101

Copying Sections: Like a section so much that you’d like to add another one into your design? Click the copy button below the section you would like to duplicate.


Feeling more like a design pro? Head back to the design tool to imagine your own EasyClosets solution!