Designing 101: Designing by Section


Designing by Section


The fastest and simplest way to design a custom closet, pantry, or laundry room solution is to take advantage of our library of design templates. This library is a curated collection of pre-designed organization sections. They were specially created to make designing with EasyClosets fast and to ensure that the sections you include in your design make the most of your available storage space.


Selecting a Template:

Design by Section


While in the “Section View” of your space (indicated by the highlighted bubble on the left side of the design stage), you will notice a collection of section templates in the lower right corner of your screen. In the drop down menu just above these outlines, select a filter category based on what organization problem you are hoping to solve.


Select a template


Then click on the section template that you would like to add to your design. Continue to swap out and move your sections until you have created a solution that will meet your needs.


Design Tip: Our professional design team typically recommends filling 2/3 of your closet with hanging storage.


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