Designing 101: Customizing Sections




What you learned:

Section Basics

  • A section is the space between two vertical panels. You can have multiple designed sections in your solution.
  • To modify a section, click on it. You’ll know you’ve selected it when it is highlighted blue.


Modifying a Section:

  • After you’ve selected a section, a simple way to modify it is to change its template. Navigate to the righthand side of your screen and click the dropdown arrow to select a template. Templates are a great way to create a quick and efficient design.
  • To add unique items (such as baskets, ironing boards, belt hooks, etc.) to a section, click on the blue pencil tool below your selected section. Then navigate to the righthand side of your screen and select the item you’d like to add.
  • Move items within your section by clicking and dragging the item up and down or using the green arrows.
  • Delete an item by selecting it and clicking the delete button.