Design Tool Basics: Design Tool Quickstart




What you learned:

Selecting a Wall

  • When you begin your design, you will see all your walls clearly displayed on your screen in 2D.
  • If you would like to modify one of your walls, click on the wall.

Modifying an Area on the Wall

  • Once you see only the wall you selected on your screen, click the wall again. The width and depth of each section will populate along the top of your designed area.
  • Click on the dimensions above a section to resize it using the options in the “Resize Section” screen.
  • Click “Save” to save changes.

Changing Organization Section Templates

  • When you select a section, it will be highlighted in blue. You can replace its organization template using the “Layout” panel on the righthand side of your screen.
  • Click the dropdown menu to select the type of organization solution you would like to add to your design.

Customizing a Section

  • To make additional edits, click the pencil icon below the selected section.
  • Navigate to the right side of the screen to browse additional elements you can add to your design. Select the one you’d like to add and drag it into your closet section.
  • Advanced Tip: You will notice, when you have selected a section, there are blue bars under each vertical panel. The vertical panel is the support that attaches your system to the wall. You can adjust the height of the verticals manually by dragging the bars up and down.

Selecting a Different Section or Wall

  • Clicking on the white space outside of your design will help you “back out” of a section or wall. At each “layer,” you will be given different options to edit your closet design.
  • If you are customizing a section and would like to edit a different section or a different wall, click outside of the design until your desired edit options appear.
  • Once you click outside of your design several times, you will be able to view your “All Wall View” once again.
  • On the individual wall view, note the “Select Wall” option on the bottom right of your screen. Select a number to navigate to your preferred wall.
  • Select “View all” to be taken back to see all your walls on the same screen.