Advanced Features & Design: Designing a Closet with Floor and Wall-Mounted Sections



What you learned:

What is a hybrid solution?

  • A storage solution that includes both Wall and Floor Mount types. This means that some portions of the closet will have product resting on the floor while other areas will hang from the wall.


Getting started:

  • Select the type of space you are designing. In this example, we are creating a reach-in closet.
  • Measure your space and enter its dimensions.
  • Select your Closet Door Style and select “Wall” mount.
  • Click “Save & Close.”


Mounting product to the floor:

  • Click on the section that you would like to rest on the floor.
  • Once it is highlighted in blue, click the “Edit” pencil directly below it.
  • Drag the small, blue bars on the left and right-hand sides of the section down to the floor.
  • This shows that the vertical panels are now resting on the floor.
  • Once you drag both vertical panels to the bottom of the screen, a green plus (+) will appear.
  • Click on the green plus (+) at the bottom of the section to add in a piece of base trim that will act as its foundation.


Edit your template:

  • You can click and drag the items within your section to customize the standard template.
  • You will also see options to delete items within your section.
  • Navigate to the right-hand panel to add in new items like drawers, slide-out hampers, rods, and more.
  • Click the “3D” button on the left-hand side of your screen to see your finished product.


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