Advanced Features and Design - Adjusting Top Shelf Height


Adjusting Top Shelf Height


The Top Shelf Height is the distance between the very top of your tallest shelf to the floor of the space you are designing. If you have a standard 96” high ceiling, our tool will always set your Top Shelf Height to be 84” for a Wall Mounted Solution or 89” for a Floor Mounted Solution.


An 84” Top Shelf Height for a wall-hung solution allows you approximately 12” of available storage space on top of your solution and 12” inches below it. An 89” tall Floor Mounted solution accounts for the space needed to accommodate double hanging storage and the base required for installation.


We recommend 84” and 89” Top Shelf Heights to maximize storage space and to help ensure a smooth installation process. However, if you would like to change your Top Shelf Height to be higher or lower, you can update it by clicking the blue pencil to the left of your design when in the “Area View” of your solution.


Adjusting Top Shelf Height


You can also update it in the layout screen.

Adjusting Top Shelf Layout


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