Advanced Features and Design: Adding an Obstruction



What you learned:

Getting Started:

  • Click on the wall that has an item you will need to design around. In this example, we are adding a light switch.
  • When you are on the “Wall View” of your space, the “Obstructions” icon will appear on the lower left side of your screen.
  • Click the “Obstructions” icon.


Adding the Obstruction:

  • The Design Center control panel on the lower right side of your screen will display a library of obstructions to choose from.
  • When you click on your obstruction of choice, it will populate on your screen.
  • The best way to place your obstruction is to use the clearance measurement tool. Type in the distance between the edge of the wall and the edge of your obstruction.
  • Select the 3D view to clearly see the obstruction in your design.


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