Advanced Features - Adding a Pitch Point



What you learned:

What is a pitch point?

  • Pitch points indicate where a ceiling begins to slope to a different height. Closets with slanted ceilings are not uncommon and can be designed around with EasyClosets’ custom solutions.


Adding a pitch point:

  • Once you have started your design, select the wall that is impacted by a sloped ceiling in the 2D view.
  • Once the wall is selected, navigate to the Design Center in the lower right-side control panel and select “Edit Wall Pitch Points.”
  • There will be circles on the top two corners of your wall. Either click and drag them to create a slope or manually type in the beginning and end points of the angle.
  • Type in the distance between the edge of your wall and the pitch point in the right-hand panel.
  • Click “Save Changes” and you will see the wall is modeled with the appropriate pitch point.


Correcting an overlapping pitch point:

  • If there is a designed section glowing in red, it will be impacted by the ceiling slope and will need to be moved or adjusted.
  • To correct this, double-click the section, then select “Adjust Top Shelf.”


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