Advanced Features & Design: Adding a Corner Shelf Area



What you learned:

Selecting a Custom Layout:

  • A corner shelf will connect between two walls in a room.
  • Click on the “Draw Your Own” button in the Layout Screen.
  • Click “Continue.”


Building Out a Custom Layout:

  • Using the drawing tool, click and drag to build an overhead view of the walls in your space. Type in the exact dimensions of each wall.
  • Next, click “Auto Layout,” located in the top menu.


Adding a Corner Shelf Area:

  • When you’re ready to add the corner option, click “Add Corner,” located on the top menu.
  • Click a highlighted corner where you would like to add your corner shelf.
  • Click “Save & Continue” to advance to the design stage.
  • Click on 3D view to see your corner shelf in your design.