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Reachel Bagley Master Closet Makeover

Reachel Bagley, fashion consultant and blogger, had a large space and even larger wardrobe that was just begging for the EasyClosets treatment.


Cardigan Empire Before Closet


Through a partnership with EasyClosets, Reachel was able to turn her blank slate of a closet into an envy-inducing space. Throughout her journey to achieve an organized closet, she provided helpful tips to clean and maintain the perfect space for your favorite clothing on her blog Cardigan Empire. Reachel transformed her walk-in closet from just a place to keep her clothes to a beautiful area to store and display her gorgeous wardrobe.


Cardigan Empire After Closet


She used several EasyClosets design options to make her space functional, as well as beautiful. Shoe racks store and display her footwear for an easily accessible, organized look.


Cardigan Empire Shoe Closet


She also used shelves and multiple drawers to store items that can’t or shouldn’t be hung up, like knits.


Cardigan Empire After Closet


Her EasyClosets experience and helpful tips for closet organization can be found on Cardigan Empire.


Cardigan Empire After Closet