Smart Closet Design -Time Saving Features and Accessories

Smart custom closet design can help save you time when you incorporate innovative solutions that keep you moving through the process of getting dressed. Here are three time-saving features to consider when designing your custom closet.

  1. Hideaway Hamper

    With this clever storage hamper, there’s really no excuse for anything to be on the floor. It’s easy to pull out the basket to go and come back when it’s laundry day. This feature keeps laundry nicely tucked away in the closet.

  2. Fold-out Ironing Board

    When you have to leave the closet to iron at another location, there’s a good chance you won’t even try. By including an ironing board in your closet design, it’s easy to incorporate ironing into getting dressed. You can take care of it in the morning while dressing, or plan ahead the night before and have your clothing well ironed and ready to go.

  3. Pull-out Pant Rack

    After you freshly press those pants, there’s nothing like a pull-out pant rack to keep things pressed, unwrinkled and easily displayed. It’s simple to see which jeans and pants are clean and which ones are ready to pick from when all are neatly displayed.

If you consider innovative closet storage features like these while planning your closet design, you are sure to end up with an intuitive space that works well for you.