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You may be wondering: “What is the best way to design my own custom organization system?” Whether it’s a bedroom closet, kid’s room closet, pantry, entryway or even the garage, a well-designed storage system can help improve organization and enhance the appearance of your home. Get inspired to design your dream space with these expert design tips and ideas.

Popular Designs

Popular designs

If you're planning a closet organization project, don't miss these popular closet design ideas from the EasyClosets design team.

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How to Plan Your Walk-In Closet

Walk-In Closet Plan

We’ve compiled the best tips from our design professionals to help you plan the perfect layout for your walk-in closet!

Learn How To Plan Your Walk-In Closet

How to Design a Walk-In Closet

Walk-In Closet Design

Learn the basics of designing a walk-in closet system using our free online design tool.

Learn How To Design a Walk-In Closet

How to Design a Reach-In Closet

Reach-In Closet Design

Learn the basics of designing a reach-in closet system using our free online design tool.

Learn How To Design a Reach-In Closet

Closet Design Checklist: How to Prepare Your Closet

Closet Design Checklist

Whether you are designing your own closet system or receiving assistance from a professional designer, consider these simple planning steps before getting started.

View the Closet Design Checklist

4 Design Ideas for Small Closets

Small Closet Design Ideas

Even a small closet benefits from a custom storage solution. Here are a few of our favorite design ideas for those extra-small reach-in spaces.

View Small Closet Designs

5 Tips for Organized Closet Design

Organized Closet Design

Designing for organization begins where your day starts and ends: in the closet.

Learn 5 Tips to Organized Closet Design

4 Easy Ways to Design Your Reach-In Closet

Reach-In Closet Design

Are you looking to maximize space in your reach-in closet, but unsure what layout will work best for your needs? You might be surprised to learn how easy it can be to design and build your own custom closet.

View Reach-In Closet Designs

How to Design a Custom Closet

When it comes to custom closets, if you apply these 5 key rules of design logic, the end result will surely meet your every need.

Learn How to Design a Custom Closet

Time Saving Features and Accessories

Smart custom closet design can help save you time when you incorporate solutions that keep you moving through the process of getting dressed. Here are 3 time-saving features to consider when designing your custom closet.

Learn Time-Saving Features

Organized Entryway Design

An organized entryway can make all the difference in a family’s busy day. Since it’s all about living a well organized life, here are few tips for to keep in mind when designing that perfect entryway space.

Learn How to Design the Perfect Entryway