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Laundry Room Organization Tips

Six Essential Tips for Improving Your Laundry Room


Most of us might not look forward to laundry day, but a well-designed space dedicated to the chore can cut down the amount of time you spend washing, drying and folding. LXTV’s George Oliphant stopped by the Today Show to explain how to save time and money with a clean and efficient laundry room, featuring our smart storage solutions from EasyClosets. Here are George's 6 essential tips:

Tip 1: Get organized

Since laundry rooms are usually small in size, custom DIY storage system from companies like EasyClosets will help you find a place for everything.


Tip 2: Use your walls

Don't forget that your walls can provide plenty of additional storage area in your laundry room: Hang open shelves and racks to reduce clutter and free up space for folding.


Tip 3: Label your bins

Designate a bin for each member of your family, so sorting clothes and emptying the dryer will be a snap.


Tip 4: Go Green

If your washer and dryer aren't Energy Star-qualified, George recommends that you upgrade your models. Not only will they cut down your electricity and water bill significantly, they're gentler on your clothes. According to the experts at My Guy Appliance, your water savings alone could fill three backyard swimming pools.


Tip 5: Brighten Up

Laundry rooms often lack natural light, so paint the space a sunny color. Seafoam Green from Benjamin Moore's Natura collection makes a cheery choice. Plus with zero VOCs, it's environmentally friendly and virtually odorless.


Tip 6: Protect Your Floors

Wet items will warp wood while concrete can be cold and industrial looking. Consider using porcelain tiles which are durable and water-resistant, and are less likely to become slippery when wet.