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Tips to Keep Your Shared Closet Organized

Keeping a shared closet space organized can be harder than it looks. By including a few key features as a result of a well planned closet design, you’ll be amazed at how tidy that closet can be, no matter how many people use it at the same time. Here are three organizing tips to consider while planning that perfect shared closet design.


    1. Identify problem areas.

      It’s likely that at least one person has far too many shoes than the other thinks is necessary. So, instead of everyone tripping over them while they fight over the quantity, go for a feature like the slanted shoe rack. For the person who loves shoes, it’s a great way to display them with pride. And a storage rack makes it easy to find your shoes, keep them off the floor, and pick out just the right pair while getting dressed every day.
    2. Consider belt and tie racks.

      They aren't just for belts and ties; they also work really well for scarves. When it comes to putting the finishing touch on for any outfit, we've all been there digging through the basket or drawer. Hanging scarves, belts, and ties on an easy display makes adding that finishing touch a breeze without a second thought.
    3. Get ready the night before.

      One of the best ways to pick out an outfit the night before is to use a well placed valet rod. This handy closet accessory encourages the simple act of just laying out that outfit while winding down after a long day.

Getting up in the morning doesn’t have to include tripping over each other while trying to figure out what to wear. If you incorporate the closet design features mentioned above into your shared space, you’ll find it easy to keep things well organized each and every day.