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Baby & Kid's Bedroom Closet Organization Tips

Having a baby is a wonderful gift and can be an exciting time for any parent. When it comes to managing all of the supplies that are needed in a nursery, it may seem a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Take baby steps and focus on the area that can help you keep it all organized: a custom closet for your nursery or child’s room is a great place to start. Keeping it tidy can be easy by following these four organizing tips:


    1. Lower the bar.

      Make it easy for your kids to pick up after playtime or hang up a sweater by lowering hooks, bars and shelves in their closet. Double and triple up on closet hanging space while your kids are small, placing the lowest bar where kids can reach their favorite outfits. EasyClosets rods and shelves are adjustable so the closet system can be modified easily as your child grows.
    2. Label and teach.

      Show your kids where things are supposed to go in their closet with picture and word labels: Shirts, Pants, Pajamas, Books, and Toys. While you build good habits, you can help kids make meaningful connections between words, illustrations and actual objects.
    3. Express without mess.

      Give your child an outlet for personal expression and a sense of responsibility for the room by designating shelves, tack boards or other special areas for artistic display. As they get older, your child may use these spaces to display trophies, aced report cards, or other items of inspiration.
    4. Gather and display.

      Tired of your child emptying out the dumpster-sized toy chest? Include pull-out baskets in an easy-to-access area of the closet to make it simple for your little one to retrieve or put away toys, balls, dolls and stuffed animals. See-through wire baskets allow kids to choose what they want without upending the whole lot.