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Everyday Makeovers

Nicole Feliciano - An Urban Pantry & Closet Makeover

While renovating her New York City apartment, Nicole Feliciano decided to redo her family’s deep but narrow pantry. The pantry’s difficult-to-navigate layout called for a complete overhaul, and with the addition of EasyClosets storage and accessories Nicole was able to turn her pantry into a functional, fashionable space that works for both gourmet cooking and grab-and-go snacking.

Nicole Feliciano Pantry Makeover  

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Audrey McClelland - Bedroom Transformation

With four young boys and a daughter on the way, Audrey was feeling pressed for some “me” space in her family’s home. Audrey and her husband Matt felt the spare bedroom that had long been used for storage was itching to be put to good use, so they decided to make over the entire room into a walk-in closet and studio.

Audrey McClelland Closet Makeover

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Traci & Cy - Master Closet Makeover

Since relocating the master bedroom, Traci and Cy have been eager to turn this bedroom turned closet/office/piano room into a spacious master closet. The lack of organization was causing unneeded stress for everyone, so when Traci began designing her dream closet the EasyClosets design team made sure to include plenty of hanging space and shelves for both Traci and her husband. The finished product gives both Traci and Cy the organization they wanted with a split closet.


Traci Closet Before  Traci Closet After    

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Chris & Julia Marcum - Daughter's Closet Makeover

Chris and Julia Marcum were faced with the problem of a very basic closet with little to offer in the way of functionality in their daughter’s room. The single bar, dresser, and double doors left them wanting for something more easily organized and accessible. After adding a pop of color with paint in the soon-to-be renovated closet, the couple began installing their new closet system with plenty of adjustable rods for their growing girl’s wardrobe. Three hours later and the new closet was complete!


Julia Closet Before  Julia Closet After    

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Anna Moseley - Daughter's Closet Makeover

Anna Moseley of Ask Anna was finding it difficult to keep everything organized in her daughter Malea’s closet. Clothes, toys, book, and school supplies can pile up quickly, and as an organizing blogger Anna knew it was important to have a closet that could fit all of her daughter’s things and keep them neat and tidy. Using our design tool, she created the layout for Malea’s closet and worked with one of our designers to tweak the space until it was perfect.


Malea's Closet Before  Malea's Closet After    

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Jo-Lynne Shane - Master Closet Redo

Jo-Lynne Shane had been planning on redoing her master closet for years, but other home improvement jobs kept getting in the way. Lucky for her, she was the winner our Getting Gorgeous Closet Sweepstakes. Lucky for us, she documented the entire EasyClosets makeover on her blog, Musings of a Housewife.


Jo-Lynne Closet Before  Jo-Lynne Closet Before  Jo-Lynne Closet After  Jo-Lynne Closet After


Learn more about Jo-Lynne's Closet Makeover 



Erin Heimstra - Reach-in Closet Makeover

Erin Heimstra of the blog Apartment 34 is a self-identified shoe addict. Unfortunately, her San Francisco loft didn’t come with the closet space to house her impressive shoe collection. Luckily, EasyClosets stepped in to solve her small storage space problem.


Erin Heimstra Closet Before  Erin Heimstra Closet After


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Reachel Bagley - Master Closet Makeover

Reachel Bagley, fashion consultant and blogger, had a large space and even larger wardrobe that was just begging for the EasyClosets treatment. Through a partnership with EasyClosets, Reachel was able to turn her blank slate of a closet into an envy-inducing space. Throughout her journey to achieve an organized closet, she provided helpful tips to clean and maintain the perfect space for your favorite clothing on her blog Cardigan Empire.


Cardigan Empire Closet Before  Cardigan Empire Closet AfterCardigan Empire Shoes


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Vera Sweeney - Family Room Organization Makeover

Vera Sweeney and her family couldn't decide what to do with their unorganized basement, and as a result it became a sort of “dumping ground” for things that didn't have a place elsewhere in their home. Vera saw the potential for the basement to be so much more –so with the help of EasyClosets she transformed this misused area into a relaxing family sanctuary!

Vera Sweeney Basement Storage   Vera Sweeney Office Makeover

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Emily Vanek - Shared Family Space - Basement Storage Makeover

Emily’s awkward basement nook sat unused for some time before she decided to outfit the entire area with an EasyClosets organizing solution. As an avid crafter with three young boys, Amy wanted a place where she could knit and craft and still keep an eye on her children’s playtime. She designed a custom unit to fit in the unique dimensions of the basement nook and included storage elements for both yarn and toys. Despite record flooding in their neighborhood during the installation, Amy and her husband had no problem knocking out the project in under a weekend with time to spare!

Emily Vanek Basement Storage  

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