easyclosets and the environment

We work hard to serve you and protect our environment...

95%We recently achieved our goal of utilizing over 95% recyclable materials in our packaging process. We've developed a packaging system to ensure the leftover packaging from your project does not fill up landfills.

The corrugated cardboard packaging we use to ship an average job consists of 30-50% recycled paper products. This is the highest recycled content possible to produce the necessary strength needed to protect the product we ship to you. The issue with boxes comprising more than 50% recycled content is that they begin to lose their fiber integrity and the result is soft, easy to tear corrugated cardboard which does not function well in the shipping environment.

98%98% of our inbound cardboard from our suppliers is recycled into packing material onsite. This has significantly reduced the amount of waste product that is carted away from our facility.

100%100% of our waste product resulting from cut closet rods is recycled. Until 2007, stock lengths were sent to our customers. The excess lengths after our customers would cut their closet rods to size were discarded locally. Now, everything is custom cut to size with our computer controlled saws and any remnant pieces are recycled. This improvement saves time for our customers and is good for the environment.

These are some achievements that protect the environment EasyClosets is proud to have accomplished over the years. We know there is still more to do and we will continue to work each day to be innovative in the way we serve our customers and our environment. We also appreciate any suggestions you may have. Please feel free to contact us with ideas for improvement.