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Turning Found Space into Shared Space – Part 3

This post is a part of our ongoing 2013 Total Home Tour series.

2013 Total Home Tour

We’ve talked about Emily’s organization problems in an awkward basement nook, and about their decision to DIY amidst busy schedules and crazy weather.  In this final post about Emily’s project, let’s find out how her newly organized space has created the perfect solution for her family’s needs.

Hear more about how Emily is using her beautiful new craft and toy storage area:

It was important to Emily to have two separate zones: a crafting zone for herself and a toy zone for her boys.  By dividing the space, her sons would know which things were available for playtime and which were just for Mom.  She also wanted her kids to have an organized toy area that minimized clutter on the floor and out in the open.

A unique element Emily incorporated was storage specifically for toy rotation, which means storing some toys away for a time, then bringing them out later.  In Emily’s case, toys specific to her son’s therapy were given high shelves out of his reach so he wouldn’t be able to access them on his own, or become bored with them quickly. Rotating toys periodically is a great way for every parent to keep playthings new and exciting for their kids!

Emily's new shared space

Emily’s new shared space

As her children get older and outgrow toys, Emily envisions the entire space becoming a crafting area. As an adaptable home organization solution, this basement nook was designed to grow with the ever-evolving lives of a busy family.

Thanks for tuning in to see Emily’s shared space tour. We’ll be back with the next exciting Total Home Tour project soon!