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Turning Found Space into Shared Space – Part 2

This post is a part of our ongoing 2013 Total Home Tour series.

2013 Total Home Tour

With their busy schedules, Emily and her husband weren’t sure if they’d find time to install their new crafting and toy storage area. Add to that record flooding in their Colorado town, and you’d think they would’ve thrown in the towel! But have no fear… since DIY projects give them the chance to accomplish something wonderful for their home when they do have free time, the Vaneks were ready to roll.  And after being cooped up inside during the torrential rainstorms, Emily was itching to get something done around the house.

Hear more about her DIY installation:

Wild weather outside can be the perfect time to accomplish a fantastic DIY project inside; all you need are a few extra hours. For busy families, Emily’s strategy worked wonders: she and her husband chose to break up their project into small bites, then tackle it over a few days instead of all at once. An hour here and an hour there are all you need to turn your own found space into something amazing for your home!

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