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Turning Found Space into Shared Space – Part 1

This post is a part of our ongoing 2013 Total Home Tour series.

2013 Total Home Tour

Emily Vanek of found herself in an awkward spot –literally! An oddly-placed nook in the basement of her family’s home was overflowing with toys and other odds-and-ends. Not knowing exactly how best to use this space, it became a kind of “basement catch-all”.  Emily wanted to maximize the organization potential of this found space, but wasn’t sure where to start. As an avid crafter, she also wanted a place for her knitting and crafting supplies, which had migrated throughout the house. 

Emily Vanek - Before

With the help of the EasyClosets team, Emily was able to turn this awkward nook into a perfectly organized space for both herself and her children!

Hear more about how Emily turned this found space into a shared space:

Join us for more installments of Emily’s project as we hear about the installation process (during a massive flood, no less!) and see how her family uses this space now that the makeover is complete!

Thanks for tuning in!