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3 Tips to Keep Your Shared Closet Organized

Keeping your shared closet organized can be quite challenging, with two wardrobes and two potentially different organizing styles. Thankfully, smart planning and a team effort to keep it all in order can make sharing a breeze. Here are three tips to make your shared closet an efficient and harmonious space.

custom walk in closet organizer

  1. Divvy Up. Mixing both wardrobes together within the closet creates chaos, so divide the closet space into two zones, one for each of you.  This will simplify finding the items you need each day.  Separate zones not only streamline the process of finding the items you need each day, but also accommodate your unique organizing styles.  Perhaps you like to organize your shirts by color, while your partner organizes by sleeve length; with a divided closet, you can each personalize to your heart’s delight.
  2. Design with Sharing In Mind. When designing your shared closet, keep each person’s specific needs in mind. If one of you has several dresses, long robes or coats, plan sections with plenty of vertical hanging space.  If the other has quite a collection of ties, belts, or scarves, pullout racks placed in their zone are just the ticket. Customize your design to the exact needs of your wardrobes, and your daily routine will be effortless
  3. Organize Together. Carve out time at the beginning of spring and autumn to sort through your closet together, deciding what to keep and what to donate. Organizing together will keep you both on track, maintain your beautifully organized space, and make the process of starting and ending each day a pleasure.

Start designing your dream closet today.*

*Use a computer to design online