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How to Organize a Baby’s Closet

Expecting a baby is a thrilling and joyous (although admittedly sometimes stressful) time.  Welcoming a baby into your home also means welcoming all of that baby stuff. It’s hard to believe such a small person results in the accumulation of so many extra things, from diapers to extra bibs to oodles of new clothes. Staying on top of your home organization can make all the difference when it comes storing baby items.  If you’re expecting a bundle of joy (or just want to organize your existing children’s things), here are a few organizing tips just for you:


1. Sort baby clothing with a system that makes sense to you. Some people may prefer to organize tiny outfits by size, while others may prefer to divide them by season. Pick whichever works best for you and stick to it.

2. Plan for the future by including your child’s fast changing needs in your closet design. Double or triple hanging spaces can be changed later on to accommodate an older child’s larger clothes. A closet organizing system that allows for flexible design changes can even turn extra shelving into more hanging space if you eventually discover that’s what you need.

3. Minimize clutter in drawers by using drawer dividers. Drawer dividers are a fantastic way to keep all those teeny tiny baby socks and other small accessories in order

4. It may seem like overkill to lay out outfits for the week for a baby, but when mornings with a newborn quickly turn hectic you’ll be glad you took the time to plan. Hang your baby’s complete outfits on a valet rod so getting them dressed is as easy as grabbing the front outfit off the rod.

Whether you’re a new parent or an old pro, having an organized baby’s closet for your new addition will make things run smoother during this wondrous, busy time!