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Beverage Center and Serving Station Ideas

Every hostess knows that whether you entertain once a year or once a week, having a serving station that can meet your needs makes all the difference in a successful event.  So while you are looking for the perfect spot in your home to create a customized entertainment space, here are a few key design features to keep in mind.

  1. First, let’s talk stemware. Does it make you nervous when your stemware is out on the counter? If so, incorporate a smart stemware storage solution that keeps your stemware up off the counter and is easily retrievable by yourself or your guests, and safely stored so you won’t have a mess.
  2. Second, a wine collection is a great point of conversation.  You spend a lot of time and energy creating that perfect collection to choose from and share with people you love.  So, why not have a wine rack where you can smartly display all of your collection and include your guests in choosing that perfect pairing for the night’s event.
  3. Prep is key. Whether you have a large area or a small area to work with, you can have the right amount of surface you need in a customized storage solution. Include as many drawers and cabinets as you like based on the amount of entertaining supplies you have.  And, you can really take care of anything from this spot.
  4. Finally, create a space for your morning beverage.  It all begins with that daily cup of Joe, so don’t think of your serving station as only for evening. Start off the day with your coffee in your little serving nook.

Having your coffee at hand and everything in its place will make it a lot easier to renter that daily chaos and be the perfect hostess from day to night.