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5 Organizing Ideas for an Easier Laundry Day

Let’s be honest, laundry isn’t exactly the most enjoyable activity.  Even small families can go through multiple loads of laundry a week, resulting in hours spent in a space that’s typically small and longing for extra storage. However, just because laundry isn’t a favorite activity doesn’t mean that the laundry room itself has to suffer! Creating adequate storage in the laundry room can transform this space into another beautiful area of the home. Use these ideas to create more storage and increase the efficiency of your laundry room:


  • Save space with a fold-out ironing board -a great alternative to the traditional bulky ironing board. This fold-out option is built right into the storage system, doesn’t take up any floor space, and is easy to stow away out of sight when not in use.


  • Pre-sort all laundry as it comes into the laundry room. Use deep slide-out baskets with canvas liners in your vertical space to free up room and make sorting a breeze. Whenever clothes come into the laundry room, immediately sort them into darks, lights, and delicates. When laundry day rolls around you can simply lift the canvas liner out and tip it into the washer.


  • Provide hanging space for delicates and other damp clothing with hangings rods. Space garments a few inches apart for better airflow so they dry faster.


  • Create a workspace in the laundry room for folding, flat-drying, and stain removal. Instead of trying to use the top of the appliances, have a dedicated flat surface where you can fold clothing as it comes out of the dryer.


  • Minimize the visual clutter of detergents and other cleaning supplies with cabinet storage. Take advantage of the space above the washer and dryer for deep cabinets to store all your laundry room essentials. Keeping them behind cabinet doors will keep your laundry room looking clean and tidy.

An organized and efficient laundry room can work wonders when it comes to tackling this household chore. And while we can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy the act of doing laundry more, we can assure you it’ll certainly be easier!