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4 Ways to Create the Perfect Multi-Functional Living Room

EasyClosets Transitional Media Center

Looking forward to having friends over for the big game, making time for your favorite shows, or just spending some quiet time with your family? A multi-purpose living area can serve any function, from entertaining to relaxing. Follow these four tips to turn up the functionality of your living room today!

  1. Decide on a style. EasyClosets media center in TraditionalDo you want your living area to be sleek and modern? Eclectic and refreshing? Traditionally warm and cozy? Decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create for entertaining and relaxing, then add design elements to reflect that. Curved lines and bookshelves will lend themselves to a welcoming reading area, while sleek lines and an extra large console for media and electronic components will help build a perfectly designed home theater for entertaining.  
  2. Make it homey. Electronics and gadgets are fun, but personal items and décor are what give a room that lived-in, homey feel. Opt for lots of shelving so you have the storage you need plus extra room for photos, mementos, and all those little touches of home.
  3. Create a kid-friendly space. Do you have little ones in the house? Make the room family friendly by giving little ones plenty of low space to store toys and games they reach for often. Cabinets with doors let you put away the kid-clutter for a clean and streamlined look when you need it.
  4. Hide the wires. Exposed cables create visual clutter and can even create a tripping hazard. EC_372Make sure your media components are stowed in units that provide built-in spaces that keep cables corralled and out of the way. Your room will instantly look cleaner without cables in view!

Create a one-of-a-kind living space your whole family can enjoy by incorporating elements of design and functionality. The next time you curl up with a book, entertain a few friends, or sit down to watch the big game, you’ll find yourself in a spot perfectly organized for whatever leisure activity suits your fancy!