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4 Tips to Create a Fabulous Reach In Closet

Let’s face it  -if you love a well organized home, you just might drool over a fabulous reach-in closet, especially if your closet is  “plain Jane.”   But have no fear – these simple tips can make your standard reach-in closet as amazing as the others.


1. Maximize space with vertical storage. In closets with standard or wire shelves, it can be hard to utilize every inch of space. Find a storage solution or closet organizer that offers a devoted place for everything. You’ll be amazed how much you can fit if it’s designed with efficiency in mind.


Espresso walk-in closet

2. Shoe shelves work wonders. Slanted shelves or shoe storage cubbies keep the piles at bay and shoes within easy reach.



3. Utilize all hanging space. Keep blouses, skirts, dresses and suits in great condition by hanging them. A closet solution that offers double or triple hanging capabilities can really maximize space and adjust as your needs change.


Espresso walk-in closet valet pole

4. Accessories are your friend. Our closet storage systems offer accessories such as baskets, drawers, valet poles, jewelry trays and more. Adding accessories gives your closet more bells and whistles, as well as other great options for storing your items.

Your closet can meet your storage needs and look great while doing so. How do you keep your reach-in closet organized and looking fabulous?