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4 Simple Ideas for an Organized Kids’ Closet

When it comes to organized kids’ closets, its usually images of heaps of clothing covering the floors, shirts hanging haphazardly from plastic hangers, and stinky gym socks dangling from a hamper that cloud your vision of the perfect space. Teach your kids to make the most of the closet space available (and stay organized) with these favorite features in 4 creative kids’ closet systems.


  • Closet systems that offer double or triple hanging features maximize space and make clothing items more visible. Most closets that offer this feature can be reconfigured later on to accommodate single-hang, too.
  • Baskets keep items off of the floor and offer ventilation.
  • Adding drawers in the closet may eliminate the need for a dresser. By removing a larger piece of furniture, floorspace may open up for more activities to take place.

cherry walk in belt rack

  • Valet rods or hooks can eliminate morning arguments over what to wear. Work with your child to determine what they’ll be wearing the following day and simply hang it on the valet rod overnight. Also, it’s a great way to store or display other accessories.

So, there you have it! No more excuses for a messy closet.  How do you keep your kids’ closets organized? Allowance? Fresh-baked cookies?