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4 Ideas to Organize Your Home for Back to School

It’s that time of year again: notebooks are packed, pencils are sharpened, and shouts of “But where did summer go?” can be heard for miles. Yes, back to school season is here!

It can be hectic trying to get everyone in the swing of the back to school routine, but with these four organizing ideas you’ll make the transition a whole lot easier for everyone involved.

  1. Teach younger kids good organizing habits in the simplest of places: their closet! Place wire baskets low to the ground so they can use them for shoe storage or to stow other items. Not only will they be able to pick out their own shoes for school, but they’ll also be able to easily put them away at the end of the day. 
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  2. Create a convenient “drop zone” for backpacks and jackets in the entryway. Designate a spot for items that are the last things the kids grab as they head out the door for school and the first to get dropped when they come home. By making sure these items are put away in the same spot every day, you’ll avoid the oh-so-familiar refrain of, “Has anyone seen my backpack/coat/umbrella?”  the next morning. EasyClosets entryway
  3. Make mornings easier by using a valet pole to hang the next day’s outfit. Installed in their closet within easy reach, a valet pole is a handy accessory that helps them select outfits the night before and hang them up for quick dressing in the morning. 
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  4. Keep healthy, on-the-go snacks in a special “snack basket” in the pantry. Busy kids can easily grab something quick to eat while dashing out the door for soccer practice, piano lessons, or other after school activities. Plus, all the snacks in the basket will be you-approved so you’ll know they’re not spoiling their appetite for dinner! EasyClosets Pantry

Don’t let the back to school rush trip you up –instead, use smart organization in your home to keep everyone running efficiently and on time!