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3 Tips for a Victorious Home Renovation Project

How to Survive A Home RenovationHome renovations –where to begin? A home remodel transforms your home into a functional, beautiful space designed with your specific needs in mind; but let’s be honest; it’s a fairly large undertaking. Whether DIY or contracted out, a total transformation or a small change, renovating an area of your home can seem intimidating at first. Luckily, the final product is well worth any initial trepidation you may feel. Follow these three pieces of advice to stay cool and collected during your next home remodeling project.

  1. Get organized before you start. Even if you’re using the remodel to be more organized (by installing a closet, new kitchen cabinets, etc.), getting organized before you begin will prevent headaches and time wasted searching through piles of displaced items. Devise a system to store the items that will temporarily be removed from the space you’re remodeling.  Simple solutions such as neatly labeled boxes stored nearby the project space will corral those items so you can still find them in a snap. 
  2. Plan for temporary detours. Before the renovation begins, sit down and make a list of all the ways the remodel may interfere with your regular routine. For example, getting dressed in the morning may be more difficult if you’ve removed all your clothes from your closet before installing a new one. The oven may be out of commission while you’re redoing the kitchen, making meals harder to prepare. Think through these possibilities and plan ahead for them. Use wardrobe racks for temporary clothes storage and cook meals ahead of time that don’t require reheating on the stove. In doing so, you’ll prevent added stress in the midst of a renovation.
  3. Stay calm and be flexible. Sure, things may go wrong… a tool might break or the paint color might not be quite what you expected.  Come what may, the most important thing to remember is to stay calm and positive. Be flexible when you hit a bump in the road and don’t be afraid to consider alternative solutions.  Take a deep breath, focus on conquering the issue, and know that step by step, you’re taking your vision to victory!

Organizing, planning, and rolling with the punches are the keys to a successful remodel.  You’ll be enjoying yourself in your beautiful, newly renovated space in no time.  Go for it… and enjoy the journey!

What home renovation projects are you working on/planning?