6 Organizing Secrets to Enhance Your Closet

6 Organizing Secrets to Enhance Your Closet

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Ever find yourself in a morning rush, scrambling to find the belt that completes your outfit, but for the life of you can’t find it anywhere? Organizing your wardrobe essentials like ties, belts, and scarves can be tricky to organize efficiently and may seem impossible to find at times. Most of the time, they’ll be in tucked away and wrinkled from not having a designated spot. After much searching, you might even throw in the towel and decide not to wear the accessory at all! Find the best way to organize your closet with these six organizing secrets making your accessories easy to find, clothes easy to store, and your everyday routine a breeze!


#1 Pull-out Tie Rack

When it comes to finding the right home for your (or your hubby’s) neckties, it’s essential to store them where they can hang flat without the risk of being wrinkled. This will help make sure they’re in tip-top shape next time they’re needed. A slide-out tie rack will keep them organized and ready to go making it easy to find the right one to perfect an outfit.


#2 Slide-out Pant Rack

Digging through your pants drawer each morning wastes time and can make a mess of your organization system, creating more work for yourself. Storing pants can be a struggle, especially when you’re trying to fit them all effectively. A slide-out pant rack is the perfect solution. You can easily see all your options and quickly grab a pair on the go while keeping them in mint condition.


#3 Slide-out Belt Rack

Do you have your belts hung on a single hanger or hook, making each time you want to wear one a chore? Make it simple to see and grab your belts by adding a slide-out belt rack. No more going through one by one to see which belt will go with your outfit. This rack allows you to pull out all your belts at once and store them out of sight.


#4 Fold-out Ironing Board

Let’s face it… ironing is no fun, especially when it involves retrieving the rickety ironing board from the basement. Maximize your closet space by adding a pull out ironing board in your closet makes it easy to incorporate in your daily routine, and keeps your clothes in tip-top shape.


#5 Valet Pole

Getting ready in the morning before an important event or meeting can be very stressful. A million things are running through your head, and the last thing you want to be worried about is finding the perfect outfit that day. Incorporating a valet pole into your closet will make it so easy to plan your outfit and have everything ready, so getting dressed can be simple.


#6 Hideaway Hamper

Do your (or your spouse’s) dirty clothes tend to wind up on your bedroom floor, or end up hanging from the sides overflowing? The best way to organize your closet is to incorporate a tilt-out hamper keeping dirty clothes tucked away, and your laundry basket out of plain sight. With this storage solution, there's no excuse for anything to be on the floor. It's easy to pull out the basket on laundry days making the chore a breeze!


These features are an easy way to maximize closet space making your accessories and closet more accessible. Want more nifty tips on features to add to your closet? Check out our idea gallery!



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