The 5 Types of Shoes That May Be Cluttering Your Closet

The 5 Types of Shoes That May Be Cluttering Your Closet

“The average woman falls in love seven times a year.
Only six are with shoes.” – Kenneth Cole


In their most recent report, the American Apparel & Footwear Association found that on average, Americans purchase nearly eight pairs of shoes per year. That’s a lot of pairs vying for your attention – and for your closet space!

If you’re like a lot of people, your shoe collection contains a mix of footwear styles, colors and functions. But how many of those pairs would you say you truly love or that bring you joy?

Whether it’s spring cleaning or any other season or reason, maintaining an organized closet is key to an organized life. Cut shoe clutter in your closet by reviving, relocatingrehoming or recycling these five types of shoes:

#5 – The Former Favorite

According to a consumer survey conducted by DSW, half of Americans purchase shoes that make them feel confident and trendy. In fact, a third of people surveyed have met their future spouse while wearing their perfect pair, and 42% wear their favorite footwear to job interviews – talk about getting a “leg up” on the competition!

Clutter Cutter: Revive or Rehome

If you still consider those confidence-boosting shoes as one of your favorite pairs, shine ‘em up and give them some shelf space to preserve their poise-inducing powers. But if you’re only holding on to them because they used to be your favorite – or you don’t feel as partial to them as you used to be – let them go! As long as they’re in good condition, give them a new home through a program like Dress for Success.


#4 – The Memory Keeper

Who needs a scrapbook when your shoes hold your memories? About a fourth of Americans surveyed keep shoes that are tied to a special memory, like walking down the aisle or baby’s first booties.

Clutter Cutter: Re-locate

Instead of stashing special shoes (that aren’t being worn) in your closet or attic, think of them as décor or art. Try displaying them in a clear glass shadow or specialty box and incorporate the pair into your design scheme like you would a photo album or wall hanging.


#3 – The Pretty but Painful

Those pastel peep-toes may have cried “buy me” in the store, but your feet scream in pain after wearing them. If an hour or two leaves you limping, even the most lavish pairs probably aren’t worth the shelf space.

Clutter Cutter: Rehome

Send those backbreaking, blister-making beauties packing! Sites like Sold shell out cash for high-end brands in great condition, or opt to donate your shoes to an organization like Union & Fifth.


#2 – The Errand Runner

Got the perfect “lived in” stage of your favorite grab-and-go’s? You know comfort is king, and you’re not alone: The majority of people surveyed say they choose comfort over anything else when seeking shoes. If your go-to shoes are getting grubby, though, you’ll likely want to separate them from your quality pairs.

Clutter Cutter: Relocate or Recycle

If they make your feet happy – and if they’re still in one piece – you don’t have to toss your Saturday sneakers just yet. Instead of taking up valuable closet shelf space, store your errand-running shoes in the garage or mudroom for easy access. If you have to tape them up each week before hitting the grocery store, however, it’s time to take them out with the trash (or recycling).


#1 – The Has-Been

Like history, fashion tends to repeat itself – just look at the reemergence of past styles like bell sleeves, flare jeans and 90’s-esq chokers. But with trends typically following a 20-year comeback cycle, those past runway hits of yours may spend a lot more time collecting dust than on your feet.

Clutter Cutter: Rehome

If out-of-style shoes make you shudder, there’s no place for them in your closet. Make room for timeless pairs (or this year’s trends) instead by donating your dated footwear.

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now that you’ve cleaned up your collection, display your prized pairs on sturdy shelving in your closet to keep them in sight and readily available. Whether it’s slanted shelves with shoe fences or straight shelves that can be easily adjusted up or down, you can choose the best organization system to meet your specific needs. Get started by designing your custom closet system today.


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