Organizing Expert Finds Closet Contentment with EasyClosets

Organizing Expert Finds Closet Contentment with EasyClosets

When organization enthusiast, home décor influencer and blogger Abby Lawson and her family moved into their new home, she immediately began seeking the best ways to optimize all of her great space.

Abby, creator of “Just A Girl and Her Blog,” turned to EasyClosets to help her maximize her unique master walk-in closet, which had unusual dimensions and was split into two spaces – one for her and one for her husband, Donnie. 

With excitement and enthusiasm, Abby documented how helpful and creative the EasyClosets designer, Debbie, was in recommending how she could make all of her wish list items come true in one custom closet system!

“I discovered EasyClosets, and it was like the heavens opened and the angels started singing. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I was SO excited to find a solution that could be customized to our specific closet and needs and could be delivered right to our door,” she wrote in her blog. “Win-win!”


Beginning with a blank canvas and 3 challenges

Abby and Donnie’s closet came as most closets do – with challenges. The closet space had an unconventional layout with many angles and walls; wire shelves, which weren’t deep, pretty, nor effective; and space that lacked a set function, and therefore, was becoming a dreaded “catch-all” room.


Although she could have designed her closet herself using the online design tool, Abby worked with an EasyClosets designer and received expert help planning her dream closet. Her wish list included: 

  • Space for hanging clothes
  • Drawers for folded clothes & personal items
  • Hamper
  • Ironing board
  • Jewelry storage
  • Shoe storage
  • Full length mirror

31 Boxes of Joy & Tool Tips

Ordered on Tuesday, Abby’s EasyClosets organizing system was delivered in less than one week. She and Donnie promptly began installing their dream closet and with the proper tools, found the process to be easy to follow. Ever the organizer, Abby found little tricks to keep the closet installation on track.


“As we unboxed everything, we made sure to reference the packing list on the top of each box with the parts inside the box to make sure everything was there. We even cut out the box-specific packing list and kept those with the various piles of closet parts to keep everything organized,” she wrote.

Tool Tips:

Abby and Donnie used a laser level to draw a level line on the walls at the desired height, so that they could ensure that EasyClosets’ steel rails would be straight. They noted that a measuring tape and level would work just as well. After they had their lines drawn, they began installing the rails. Donnie used an angle grinder with a cutting disc to cut the steel rails the lengths specified in the instructions for each closet section. (If you don’t have an angle grinder, a metal hacksaw would work as well.)


Next they used a magnetic stud finder to mark all the studs in the closet and anchored the rails into studs where possible. When this wasn’t possible, they used the provided toggle bolts. These provided a sturdy foundation for the rails when studs were not available.


Final result: Closet heaven with an ironing board

The end result, which Abby posted to her Pinterest boards, was an organized, beautiful, customized closet with room for everything from her most delicate necklaces to her husband’s work boots.


A hidden laundry hamper, shelving for pretty pictures and extra bins, and plenty of storage space for shoes gave Abby immense happiness.


But Abby’s favorite feature is her tucked-away ironing board, which conceals behind a drawer façade. Just open the drawer, and the folded board pulls out and clicks into a full ironing surface that can rotate.


“Such a transformation! I love that everything has a specific place because not only does it help our closet stay neat and tidy, but our bedroom stays tidier as well. Yay!” she wrote. “A HUGE thanks to EasyClosets for partnering with us on this project– definitely check them out for your next closet project. I’m a fan for life!”


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